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Lakewood Track Systems

has the expertise to create any size, style and type of customized track you need, including motorized systems

Specializing in manufacturing track systems for architects and interior designers, our work is custom made to your exact specifications.

At Lakewood Track Systems, we carefully craft our tracks with no visible brackets to offer the clean look you desire for a professional touch to your home or office. Our hardware is fabricated using timeless metals such as bronze, white bronze, stainless steel, chrome or brushed aluminum to ensure that every aspect of the final product is equally exquisite.
We specialize in the manufacture of custom track systems for hanging felt panels, draperies, aluminum & stainless CNC stationary or sliding wall dividers as well as acoustical baffles. We also design free-standing movable track systems.

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Ellipse ceiling & floor mount tensioned

Ellipse ceiling & floor mount tensioned

Wall Mount

Wall mount

Custom circular track floor & ceiling mount

multi-bank sliding track assembly

Multi-bank sliding track assembly

Track systems fabricated according to architect specifications